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A Proven Delivery Approach

Delivery Approach to Application Modernization

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gravity9 are a global team of highly skilled, experienced experts with deep knowledge.

Our people are at the core of our process, coming together in small teams to drive transformational change and add value for our clients within short timeframes.

We are focused on crafting products and platforms that give our clients a strategic advantage within their application modernization process. Our solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, fostering an environment of continuous innovation. With diverse backgrounds and unique skill sets, our team encompasses expertise in product development, software engineering, AI, devOps, QA, and experience design.

From Conversation to Success

At gravity9, we believe in starting every engagement with a simple conversation. We take the time to understand the unique challenges and opportunities facing your organization, exploring potential solutions and charting the best path forward together. We understand, that every scenario is different, and so we provide a range of offerings supporting the full digital journey all supported by our tailored delivery process. 


Delivery Process

Our Approach to Modernization

Engagement Process

We kick off each engagement with the “Understand” phase, defining where you are today and where you want to go—your north star. This guides our path forward and sets metrics for success.

Moving to “Solution,” we work with you to outline a flexible solution, focusing on long-term strategic decisions.

Next, in “Plan,” we break the solution into manageable increments for iterative releases and continuous feedback.

In the “Build” phase, we implement each step towards your north star, focusing on detailed requirements and rigorous testing.

Finally, in “Release,” we ensure the solution meets user needs, using predefined metrics to track success and refine as necessary.

From conversation to implementation, our approach empowers your organization to succeed efficiently.

Our Toolbox

We customize our approach for each engagement, leveraging a variety of standard practices and tools, including: 

  • Event storming 
  • Product vision workshops 
  • Domain storytelling 
  • User journeys 
  • Architecture reviews 

Depending on the nature of the project, we adapt our toolkit to address specific needs. Whether it’s transitioning business processes online, rethinking architecture, or implementing AI solutions, we tailor our process accordingly. 



At gravity9, we prioritize excellence and transparency in decision-making, fostering trust and support within our teams. With flexible processes, clear roles, and proprietary tools, we empower our teams to deliver tailored solutions for your business needs. We ensure clear communication and proactive risk management throughout every engagement. 

How we work with you

At gravity9, each project is spearheaded by a dedicated Delivery Lead, selected based on the project’s requirements and expertise. Serving as your primary point of contact, they unify our team and ensure we stay aligned with your objectives. We prioritize simplicity in our process, tailoring engagements to include all or a subset of our five phases. Our iterative approach allows us to deliver value swiftly, focusing on your immediate needs while maintaining flexibility for future enhancements. 


At gravity9, we stay ahead of the evolving technology landscape by ensuring our team has the skills needed to tackle diverse challenges. Through regular certifications and an in-house training program, we empower our team to excel in areas like AI and devOps. Most importantly, our culture fosters continuous learning, with team members actively sharing knowledge and expertise.