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Uniting Art and Science

Realising the next phase of your digital journey requires more than just great technology. At gravity9, we have a different approach. With deep experience and personality, our team of designers and engineers unite art and science, to realise the next chapter in your digital journey.

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Build the next chapter

You don’t need huge teams or excessive budgets to become the difference. We work collaboratively with clients, collapsing problem complexities to rapidly ideate, design and build beautiful, intelligent digital products that add real value.  

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Our latest thinking on how to accelerate digital

Migration from Oracle Database to MongoDB

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6 Steps to Finding Your Emotional Intelligence

Reflecting on our Digital Matters Podcast with Leadership Coach and Author, Trenton Moss, we break down emotional intelligence into 6 steps that can break down barriers, free teams from helplessness and help you find a win/win in every situation.

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Digital Matters Podcast: Are IT Vendors selling what the CTO's / CIO's of today really need?

We speak with experienced CIO Tim Hargest to discuss the challenges CIO's are facing in todays world and how digital vendors can meet their real needs.

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