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We're one of Britain's fastest growing companies

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It's never too early to modernize, but it can be too late!

Legacy complexity is a by-product of your success; your organization has grown and your applications and platforms have grown to keep up and support your ever changing needs. However, many established companies initiated operations before modern solution architectures emerged, while today’s proven patterns and practices offer efficiency and longevity.

of organizations that experience data breaches are due to vulnerabilities in legacy systems - Ponemon Institute
of fortune 500 in 2003 no longer exist today
improvement in customer satisfaction for organizations that prioritize modernizing applications - Forrester Consulting

Don't become a statistic

Legacy systems often struggle with the volume of digital transactions, fail to store necessary data for insightful analysis, and face challenges in meeting regulatory compliance. This hinders innovation and agility, resulting in slower time-to-market. Challenger businesses, unencumbered by legacy systems, possess native agility but lack your expertise, breadth of services, resources, and trusted brand. Imagine leveraging modern architecture to enhance your wealth of experience and capabilities.

gravity9 propels you beyond complex, outdated legacy solutions to a sleek AI-led, micro-service, micro-UI platform enabling continuous innovation.

Our application modernization approach leverages cutting-edge cloud, AI technologies and microservices architecture to streamline your operations and drive continuous innovation. With our sleek micro-UI platform, we empower your business to adapt and thrive in today’s dynamic market landscape, ensuring agility, scalability, and sustained competitive advantage. Say goodbye to the constraints of the past and embrace a future where innovation knows no bounds with gravity9.

Don't just modernize – revolutionize

gravity9 understand the challenges of legacy systems and with our experience and expertise will, pave the way for your organization’s digital revolution. We guide you through the labyrinth of legacy complexity, identifying inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and opportunities to innovate.

By strategically modernizing and optimizing your systems within the cloud, we streamline operations, reduce technical debt, and empower your organization to thrive in the digital age. Our approach goes beyond mere modernization; we prioritize future-proofing your architecture with an emphasis on AI integration and product insulation, ensuring it’s scalable and adaptable to evolving technologies and market demands. Through meticulous planning and implementation, we transition your organization from legacy constraints to agile, best-practice solutions.




Harness AI to revolutionize operational efficiency and decision-making. Our expertise in AI development empowers organizations to innovate and gain a competitive edge, optimizing performance and profitability through tailored, intelligent system integration.

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Modernize your applications with confidence and precision. Our expert team specializes in seamlessly transitioning legacy systems to agile, future-proof solutions, ensuring your business stays ahead in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

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We are constantly inventing new digital products, services, and revenue streams for our clients by designing, prototyping and building experiences for the next market leaders. We research and define customer journeys by thinking human first to enable technologies fullest potential and build better products.

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AI- xtraction Offering

The overwhelming volume of data that organizations are grappling with, leading to inefficiencies in managing and extracting useful insights from this data.

As data retention grows exponentially, organizations are struggling to sift through the vast amount of information efficiently. This challenge consumes valuable time and resources, diverting attention away from core operational tasks. The need to empower employees with access to relevant information quickly becomes critical in such a scenario.


Legacy Insulator Offering

Address the challenge of modernizing legacy systems by providing a strategy to build around them.

Deploying our ”Legacy Insulator” works to build around your legacy systems to unlock recognisable modernization initiatives. We do this by studying your platform, learning about its data, gaining familiarity with its endpoints, and driving best domain-drive practices. A coded solution is delivered which contains an insulation around your legacy systems, giving you a reliable start, and more importantly: a pathway to decommission.


Architecture Snapshot Offering

Confidently build towards their product’s next evolution.

Use our Architecture Snapshot offering to activate our team to create these artifacts for your application’s current state. Using our unique tooling and story-telling approach, we author the the necessary diagrams, architecture, and synthesis of your current system, so that you can build confidently towards your product’s next evolution. Layer your vision on top of our deliverables so that you are innovating with purpose, with a plan.


With [gravity9], I know they will drive the architecture in the right direction. The secret sauce is people that believe in the vision.


Drive Innovation & Growth

At every step of the journey, we prioritize collaboration and transparency, ensuring alignment with your business objectives and stakeholder needs. Together, we navigate the transformation process, turning legacy challenges into opportunities for innovation and growth. 


  • the overwhelming complexity of legacy systems and processes in large organizations, and the challenge of knowing where to start.
  • the necessity to run your business as usual, uninterrupted, as you modernize.
  • the importance of data consistency, security and compliance.
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Case Study

Telus (formally Lifeworks) required robust communication between domain microservices and  their CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in a multi-cloud environment. The initial solution uncovered additional requirements, which gravity9 designed and built into the second iteration. The client was delighted with the overall result, especially gravity9’s ability to adapt and implement event-driven architecture.

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