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View our live events which run from our UK and Poland offices. Each month our subject matter experts run live workshops and seminars on specific subjects from AI, to DevOps and UX to Domain Driven Design. Some are panel discussions with a Q&A and others more educational. Most events, are recorded and can be viewed via our YouTube page.

Enhancing Kubernetes Security
In this session we will explore advanced strategies for enhancing Kubernetes security through effective management of secrets and fine-grained control over service accounts.
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Embark on an Azure Adventure
In this session will be an exhilarating exploration of Azure Durable Functions. From mastering Azure Functions essentials to uncovering advanced application patterns and use cases - both inspiring and informative.
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Navigating the EU Accessibility Act
In this session we’ll dive deep into the EAA’s intricacies, exploring how it will revolutionise the digital landscape for businesses ,how it will improve and the impact on businesses.
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Once Upon a Domain
This session looks at an approach called Domain Story Telling which allows us to describe the behaviour and interactions of both humans and systems in order to fulfil a given business domain.
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Git your Ops in order with GitOps
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your DevOps game and stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving tech landscape
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Is your organisation AI ready?
Join our panel for an hour of practical discussion surrounding the planning, implementation and ongoing development of bespoke AI solutions for organisations.
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What have UX'ers ever done for us?
Challenge the role of UX. Take a lively run through the tangible contributions UX professionals are making to your project...and if they're not, why aren't they?
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