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We are constantly inventing new digital products, services, and revenue streams


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'Human First' thinking unleashes technology's full potential. Prioritize the needs, emotions, & behaviours of users to create superior products

Our methodology revolves around understanding the intricacies of human interactions with technology, ensuring that every aspect of the customer journey is meticulously crafted to enhance user experience and satisfaction. By embracing empathy and user-centricity, we empower organizations to build products that resonate on a fundamental level, driving greater engagement, loyalty, and success in the marketplace.


Crafting experiences

By meticulously deconstructing your product challenge, we embark on a journey to craft a comprehensive product experience strategy. This strategy not only addresses the immediate challenge at hand but also propels your organization forward, granting you a distinct innovation advantage that sets you apart from competitors. Through thorough analysis and strategic planning, we identify key opportunities for improvement and differentiation, ensuring that every aspect of the product experience is optimized for success. By leveraging this strategy, organizations can not only overcome obstacles but also position themselves as leaders in their respective industries, driving meaningful change and staying ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving market landscape.

Research & user insight

Research and user insight are pivotal elements in fostering meaningful change within any organization. By delving deep into the needs, behaviours, and preferences of users, gravity9 work with organizations to uncover invaluable insights that drive transformative innovation. Embracing honesty and a user-centric approach throughout the research process ensures that solutions are not only effective but also genuinely address user needs and pain points. By prioritizing user-centricity, organizations can forge authentic connections with their audience, leading to the development of products and services that resonate deeply and create lasting impact. In this way, research and user insight serve as catalysts for positive change, guiding organizations towards a future where their offerings truly meet the needs and aspirations of their users.

Design accelerators

Our design accelerators and scalable systems are tailored to expedite the development process, catering to projects of varying sizes, from small-scale initiatives to enterprise-level endeavours. By leveraging our design accelerators and scalable systems, we empower organizations to swiftly design and prototype experiences, positioning them as frontrunners poised for success. Whether embarking on a modest venture or aiming to lead the market, our innovative approach ensures rapid progress towards realizing impactful and future-proof solutions.

Multidisciplinary Expertise

Our team combines diverse skills:

  • Product Design: Crafting user interfaces that resonate with your target audience.
  • User, Customer and Business Analysis: Identifying pain points and opportunities for improvement.
  • Product Owners : Seeks to maximize a product’s value by managing and optimizing the product backlog.

Tangibility, Bring Ideas to Life

Whether you’re building from scratch or refining and modernising an existing offering, we’re here to make it real.

Tangibility operates as a strategic design partner, placing a dedicated team at the core of your digital product and service challenges.


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