Digital Matters Podcast Episode 6.

In Short : With organisations being forced to rapidly deploy digital capabilities as a result of covid-19, what is here to stay, what new trends have developed and, have these capabilities changed the way we live for good?
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

Managing Director

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In episode six of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast Partner Andy Ross and Experience Director Andy Newman discuss what digital looks like in a post-Covid world.  With many organisations having to rapidly deploy digital offerings how many of these are set to stand the test of time? Together they discuss the impact of recent digital advancements and if these transitions will last.  

  • The industries that have rapidly responded to Covid with their digital offering. Examples include Lloyds Banking Group, AirBnB and the NHS.
  • How companies have successfully reinvented their offering through necessity.  
  • Attitude to change and what has been a positive impact as far as transformation and advancements in capabilities.
  • The big digital trends, approaches and products that have emerged throughout the Covid crisis.  
  • The holistic experience of the user, integrating digital and physical in a humanistic way.  
  • What changes are likely to stay and how will these continue to evolve?

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