Our "Digital Matters" Podcast series brings you a feast of technical insight from experts across all manner of industries and covering all manner of subjects. From digitising financial services to what makes an effective CIO, and from the applications of emotional intelligence to redefining property rental markets, you'll find it all here.

Digital Matters Podcast: How AI is Changing the Business Landscape
In the first episode of Digital Matters, the gravity9 podcast Noel Ady speaks with Loghman Zedah and Tom Maruszak about Artificial Intelligence and how it is driving modernization and how organizations operate.
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Digital Matters Podcast: Creating a Successful Challenger Business with Rob Kerr
We speak with Rob Kerr, a disruptor who has a reputation for challenging the status quo. Find out the key elements to creating a successful blue chip challenger business and why culture is king.
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Digital Matters Podcast: Digitising High-Touch, High-Value Financial Services
We speak with Matt Harvey, Head of Cross Product Sales and Development at NatWest Markets to discuss how to digitise high-though, high-value customer services and how to get the market on board.
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Digital Matters Podcast: AMH Approach to Customer First Digital Transformation
In this episode of Digital Matters gravity9 partners Andy Ross and Noel Ady speak with Chief Technology officer at AMH. Philip discusses his role at AMH and the digital transformation programme they are part way through in creating a truly customer first business.
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Digital Matters Podcast: Are IT Vendors Selling what CTO's / CIO's Really Need?
We speak with experienced CIO Tim Hargest to discuss the challenges CIO's are facing in todays world and how digital vendors can meet their real needs.
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Digital Matters Podcast: The Superpower of Emotional Intelligence with Trenton Moss
We speak with Published author of 'Super Powered', Trenton Moss. Trenton is a Digital Business Founder and Head Coach at Team Sterka. In this episode he discusses how emotional intelligence can super charge your people and your business.
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Digital Matters Podcast: Leading Technology Driven Change with Steve Homan
Steve Homan discusses the 'Search for us', how organisations can make their own way and teams can successfully lead technology driven change.
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Digital Matters Podcast: Digitising the Property Investment Market with Jatin Ondhia
Andy Newman talks with Jatin Ondhia, entrepreneur and Fintech founder to discover how, in a market that has been slow to digitise, Jatin has created a platform that makes investment accessible to everyone
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Digital Matters Podcast: Developing Great Digital Products and the Changing Face of Learning
In the first episode of our second series of Digital Matters hosts Andy Ross and Andy Newman talk with Joshua Wohle, digital entrepreneur, and founder of Mindstone, a company changing the face of learning.
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