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Digital Matters Podcast: Why You Really Can Trust in AI


12 Jun 2024 | Noel Ady

Welcome to Digital Matters, the gravity9 podcast where we dive deep into the latest trends, insights, and innovations surrounding the digital evolution of your organization. Join us as we explore captivating conversations with industry experts, thought leaders and our own gravity9 visionaries to provide you with invaluable insights and actionable strategies to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

Hosted By: gravity9 Partner Noel Ady and AI Lead Loghman Zadeh.

Special Guest: Viroo Mirji, Data and AI Lead at Microsoft.

Welcome to episode four of the gravity9 series on Artificial Intelligence hosted by gravity9 founding Partner Noel Ady.

Loghman Zedah, gravity9 AI Lead, joins the conversation as co-host. Loghman has over 20 years of AI experience, working within a diverse range of industries, creating machine learning models, and using deep learning techniques to deliver insights and solve organizational challenges.

We also welcome a very special guest, all the way from Silicon Valley, Viroo Mirji – Data and AI Lead for Microsoft.

In this episode, Noel, Loghman, and Viroo discuss the issues of responsibility, trust, and ethics in AI, reviewing the regulations in place and the continuing need for human involvement.

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