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Digital Matters Podcast: Creating a Successful Challenger Business with Rob Kerr


02 May 2023 | Emma Benham

Our Digital Matters podcast offers monthly discussions with leading digital innovators, thought leaders and industry disruptors who, like us, think differently when it comes to digital.

Hosted by: Partner, Andy Ross and Partner, Noel Ady.

In this episode hosts Andy Ross and Noel Ady speak with Managing Director or Sero Future Limited, Rob Kerr. A dynamic leader with a passion for delivering growth through the energy transition, Rob has over 15 yrs experience in the Energy sector and with that has developed a reputation for challenging the status quo.

After spearheading the creation of a blue chip enterprise, challenger business Rob discusses the key to delivering successful change and how large corporations really can become disruptors. In this episode we learn;

  • How culture is the key to delivering change, and why is is often the biggest hurdle to overcome.
  • The challenge of not reverting to ingrained processes ‘challenger organ rejection’.
  • How cash restrictions can be the making of a challenger business – remove the risk, increase the innovation.
  • How getting the customer experience right will both retain customer and reduce costs.
  • How to create a supportive Ecosystem.


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