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Employee Wellbeing Provider


Our client provides technical employee wellbeing solutions for physical, mental, and financial health. The client approached gravity9 and spoke with Founder Noel Ady to discuss a new module to their existing Mental Health solution that would enable communication between domain microservices and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) in a multicloud environment. Additionally, we would provide additional security, improve system performance, and provide domain separation.


Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: Multi-Cloud
  • QA: SpecFlow, Living Documentation
  • Development: .Net Core

The initial solution uncovered additional requirements, which gravity9 designed and built into the second iteration before conducting a final optimisation pass to streamline further, displaying an evolutionary architecture approach.

The client was delighted with the overall result, especially gravity9’s ability to adapt and implement event-driven architecture. gravity9 achieved a remarkable outcome that met all the client’s expectations, demonstrating expertise in designing and deploying event-driven architecture and delivering a solution that supports asynchronous communication and facilitates evolutionary changes in response to the dynamic business environment.


Evolutionary architecture is not about predicting the future, but about embracing change.

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