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Why Rebrand? What our New Image Means to gravity9


12 Oct 2020 | Emma Benham

Digital. Accelerated. It’s simple really; it might have taken us long enough to arrive on this as our brand statement but we got there in the end!

There are many reasons a company may choose to rebrand. For gravity9 it was simple, we had outgrown the old and needed something new. gravity9 has evolved and we wanted a brand that reflected the business we are today.

What’s in a Brand?

For us, like many organisations a brand is much more than just a logo or a set of colours. It is a representation of who we are, it demonstrates how we see ourselves, how we want to be seen and it has to evolve with the business. While we stick by our statement, that we are just getting started, we have come a long way in two years. We have been fortunate enough to expand 400%, growing our team across Europe and the US and, we have worked with a wide range of enterprise clients on some truly transformational projects.

While our ways of working, our approach and methodologies have become more refined, our culture and personality stay true to when Noel and Andy first established gravity9 in 2018.

The gravity9 Evolution

gravity9, the consultancy, was created to be different and to make a difference. Together we are a collective of highly skilled, passionate designers, engineers, architects and consultants who genuinely love working together to solve problems. We believe it‘s our people and our ways of working that set us apart. We employ senior people with deep knowledge, we continuously innovate, explore and seek to be inspired and, we like to think our clients work with us not only because we get the job done, but because we make the journey enjoyable.

Our new gravity9 brand is a reflection of who we are today. A bright, vibrant, memorable organisation. The ‘9’ made up of a series of dots represents the individual team members that collectively are gravity9. The gradient colour from yellow to rosey red, (our new bold corporate colour), represents continuous evolution and transformation. While we fully appreciate these elements of our brand are more personal to us than likely to be acknowledged by the wider world but, they work together in harmony to create a brand visual that is strong and representative of who gravity9 are today.

Who are gravity9?

Small Teams. We know you don’t need large teams to achieve great things, but instead  a collective of highly skilled individuals with deep insight and proven methodologies. For each project we select designers, engineers and project leaders to work together with your people as one team. ​

Senior People. Our organisation is made up of senior people, with deep knowledge, experience and a passion for crafting leading edge digital products. Our approach and our culture is shaped by the people we employ, highly motivated experts with the ambition to achieve results and get the job done.

Uniting Art + Science. The unity of art and science creates a product that our clients and their customer believe in. Our software engineers are involved with the ideation process with our experience designers, meaning there is no lag in handover but simply the realisation of a digital product that is designed , engineered and delivered to meet our client’s needs.

We are gravity9 and, yes, we are (still) just getting started!