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Welcome to Colombia


07 Dec 2021 | Emma Benham

Why has 2021 been such an exciting year for gravity9 and what is on the horizon for the rapidly growing business over the coming year?

Internal Expansion

2021 has been a good year for gravity9, we have expanded, we have diversified, and we have developed all thanks to the great people that make up our remarkable team.

We would argue that gravity9 combines the best parts of a start-up, agency, and software development partner, but without any of the baggage. We are built on a unique value proposition. One of the tenets is that more can be done with less, a subscription to our endless mission of combining art and science and being driven. Our distributed teams, hybrid working and ability to solve unsolvable organisational problems have enabled the acceleration of our business plan amidst a global pandemic.

“Next year will be a big one for gravity9 in terms of scaling our company and increasing what we can do for our clients,” says Application Modernization Lead, Eric Allen. “We will be doubling down on our presence in the Americas, having opened up locations in NYC and Medellin Colombia. This will help us scale up what we can do for our existing US-based clients, as well as allow our European-based delivery teams to refocus on working with more local clients.”

This year has seen one of our most significant moves yet gravity9 has established offices in the Americas. With our 43 strong team now working across multiple geographies on both sides of the Atlantic the plan is to replicate our successful model in both North and South America, supporting our unprecedented growth into 2022 and beyond.

While gravity9 already have proven success working with clients across North America, Colombia was selected for recent growth as technological advancements in Colombia in the past number of years are well documented, driven in part by global strategic investment from public and private institutions. gravity9 also have key partners and clients in the region with an appetite to deliver large programs sustainably, combining art and Science. While not all companies are predisposed for success in South America, at gravity9 we expect to learn more than guide; keeping our organisation flexible to support initiatives on-demand across various regions.

“Colombia is benefitting from thoughtful investments in technology, and open virtual doors thanks to the future of work” says Rob Graham Director of Product Engineering and Client Accounts. “We are privileged to invest in people that can teach us how to reach beyond what we already do very well. This is why I am excited about our thoughtful investment in our Colombian office.”

With gravity9 expanding on an, already impressive, UX Design and DevOps practices, the aim is to be able to deliver more end-to-end capabilities for clients. As with any business expansion there is the expectation of challenges, but as an organisation whose bread and butter is problem solving gravity9 embrace challenges. “I’m looking forward to tackling our challenges head-on with the rest of the team to ensure we remain a company where people can do good, difficult, interesting work they’re proud of” says Eric Allen.

We look to enhance this delivery philosophy to complement our like-minded clients, and to lead those looking for a competitive edge in the challenged market of today

We are replicating our successful model in two new regions of the world, supporting our unprecedented growth into 2022 and beyond.