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Digital Matters Podcast: Letting our Hair Down with Single View with Eric Allen


28 Oct 2021 | Emma Benham

Our Digital Matters podcast offers monthly discussions with leading digital innovators, thought leaders and industry disruptors who, like us, think differently when it comes to digital.

Hosted by: Founder, Noel Ady, Experience Director, Andy Newman, and Application Modernisation Lead, Eric Allen.

This episode is a step away from our usual format as we let our hair down discussing Single View with gravity9 Founder Noel Ady. Regular Digital Matters host Andy Newman is joined by gravity9’s Application Modernization Lead, Eric Allen as they break down the challenges and approaches of Single View.

  • What is single view? – think of everything as an API
  • Relating to Single View and the Challenges it poses, how can these be overcome?
  • The impact of the last 18 months on how organisations are using and adopting Single View
  • What is possible and how do you develop a cohesive strategy?
  • The changing expectations of consumers, how these evolve and who is responsible for feeding the consumer connection?
  • The impact of company responsibilities on single view (GDPR, CCPA etc)
  • The decision of build vs buy when it comes to a 360 solution and how it impacts internal teams as well as external consumers
  • Example use cases and making the right decision for your organisation


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