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Digital Matters Podcast: Digitising High-Touch, High-Value Financial Services


05 Apr 2023 | Emma Benham

Our Digital Matters podcast offers monthly discussions with leading digital innovators, thought leaders and industry disruptors who, like us, think differently when it comes to digital.

Hosted by: Partner, Andy Ross and Partner, Noel Ady.

In this episode of Digital Matters gravity9 partners Andy Ross and Noel Ady speak with Matt Harvey, Head of Cross Product Sales and Development at NatWest Markets. Matt has worked in financial markets, trading and tech for the last 20 years and now leads electronification at NatWest Markets.  In this episode we discuss;

  • Digitising high touch, high value human services without electronifying it out of existence.
  • Developing the supplier, customer relationship into a partnership.
  • How the financial market is commoditising development.
  • Making technology natural to the process and not forcing it on the market.
  • Structuring information through suitable technology solutions.
  • Client acceptance of solutions and how to facilitate this.


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