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#Meetthegravity9ers with Sarah Barrett


19 Oct 2020 | Emma Benham

When it comes to disrupting entire industries and building transformative customer experiences, you have to have an exceptional team that can build these products at pace.

Our team at gravity9 is just that; highly skilled, driven, passionate, and fun to work with!

We continue our Meet the gravity9ers series with the introduction of Sarah Barrett. 


What is your role at Gravity 9? 

I’m a Product Owner / Manager. Fundamentally I manage the pipeline of work, in collaboration with a client, to ensure we are delivering value early on. Surrounding this I may challenge the client on their requirements or decisions, I also clarify the client’s journey and vision and, ensure gravity9 are on the right path to achieving that vision. I work with everyone, sorting the wood from the trees, managing the discussion and the business elements so I can come back to the team with a clear set of requirements that challenges, but not overworks, them.


What do you enjoy most about working at Gravity 9?

I love that I am not micromanaged, I am trusted to do my job but there is a support mechanism there if I need it. At a small business like gravity9 you get more exposure and more accountability, you are not just a number or a stat on a timesheet, you are an individual and, they know and recognise the work you do. I am responsible for my own output and deliverables and I have the flexibility to manage my own workload. I love to be challenged. Every day is the opportunity to learn something new and I get that at gravity9.


What one piece of advice would you give to someone starting out in your line of work? 

Build relationships and fast! The technical aspects can be learned but relationships and trust have to be earned. This role could be different depending on the company you are in and how they interpret the position. Here at gravity9 I would say it’s all about the people, you will be successful if you can adapt, communicate and collaborate.


What can’t you start your day without? 

A cup of tea. All these people that say they don’t do breakfast – I just don’t understand, I need a good breakfast and a cuppa in the morning or I can’t function.


What do you do in your spare time?  

Make memories. I love spending time with people but I also enjoy my own space, and having time to myself. I really enjoy making memories, especially when those memories are made with the people I love. I will try new things, I tried paddle boarding for the first-time last year and two years ago I learned how to snowboard, just a few months ago I did the zipline across the Eden project; I like to scare myself and try new things and experience life.


What is the last movie you watched?  

Tenet was the first film I went to watch after lockdown had eased. It’s supposed to be the new ‘Inception’ but, despite watching the film I’m still not sure what it’s about!


What special skill / talent do you have (other than what you do for a living)? 

I would say nothing but, my family would probably say the ability to organise them all. If anyone wants to arrange something, find a Groupon voucher or get an event sorted they ask me as I’m like a demon, I throw myself into it and get it done – I enjoy it too!


What would be your dream holiday?

A tropical beach somewhere; the sea, snorkelling, swimming with giant turtles and being with people I love. I’d love to go to the Maldives; which is on my wish list for my next milestone birthday. I was married in Mauritius which was beautiful and I’ve been lucky enough to do several Caribbean cruises. For me it’s about sharing these incredible experiences with the people I love.


What is the last song you had stuck in your head?

One of the songs from Teen Beach 2. It’s a musical my daughter has been watching on the Disney channel and the tracks are frustratingly catchy.