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Reflecting on a Transformational Year


30 Nov 2021 | Emma Benham

2021 has gone by in a bit of a flash with lockdowns and various pandemic related restrictions. For gravity9, 2021 has seen considerable expansion of the team across the Krakow and Wroclaw offices as well as the opening of new offices in New York and Colombia, while the latter two are still in their infancy we are excited about what 2022 will bring for these locations and the continued expansion of our community.

However, before we look ahead to 2022, the digital trends, tech advancements and business development we are excited for, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on a transformational year. We caught up with three members of the gravity9 team to hear their 2021 highlights.

Andy Ross – Partner

It is a privilege to work with colleagues who have inspired me by just getting on with doing amazing work for our customers despite all the challenges of the pandemic. Our mission is to help organisations accelerate their digital initiatives and so hearing stories of how our teams have helped clients always brings joy.

Growing the organisation with new offices opening across the America’s and in Europe has been amazing. We have doubled in size this year and yet only recently have I had the chance to meet many of my colleagues in person. Meeting face to face after seeing people on a screen is great fun and something I have appreciated.

Finally, I have witnessed individuals on the team really grow in their abilities and responsibilities over the past year. It is wonderful to see people achieve things they didn’t think were possible and absolutely smash their goals!

Eric Allen – Application Modernization Lead

This has been my first year at gravity9, and it’s been a very exciting journey so far.

It’s been great to see the company grow, add interesting and talented people to our team, and open offices in new geographies.

I am proud that we are working with new clients across a range of industries and helping them to drive forward their businesses, while also continuing to deepen the relationships we have with our long-standing clients.

In the last few months of this year, we have expanded on our partnership with MongoDB to deliver end-to-end solutions around the MongoDB Data Platform that are helping our joint customers find new value in their data.

It’s great to be part of such a vibrant team doing really interesting work, and I finish this year feeling very optimistic about what we’re building and what we’ll do together in the years coming.

Andrew Newman – UX Practice Director

For gravity9 2021 has been the year of ‘get on with it’ pragmatism (plan a big idea, dial it up then build it). As such, we have worked across some great projects and produced some fantastic concepts for clients. I also feel that this year we really hit the collaboration ‘sweet spot’ between Engineers and UX’ers and as a whole team we are working slicker, pushing boundaries and shifting convention.

We have migrated our transformation design mindset from Service Design to incorporate product development techniques in yr2 of a big transformation program which has been exciting and opened up greater opportunities.

On a personal level, I have also enjoyed the contrast of switching between transformation and the nimble and phonetic energy of ‘Tangabilising’ new products as MVP digital brands. As a small agile organisation gravity9 isn’t standing still not even for a minute.  My tool, TANGABILTY, has proved itself a good workhorse for making ideas and opportunities real as most often as MVP & digital brands. Keep an eye out for the virtual teaser sessions we will be running in the new year as I will be hosting some workshops around design thinking getting over the ‘How do I?’ hurdle.

While I’ve not been able to get as much mountain biking in throughout the year as I’d like, I’m hopeful for 2022!