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New York, New York! - Welcome, Rob Graham


10 Sep 2021 | Alex Avery

With a number of new recruits across our European offices this year, gravity9 is growing at pace. However, as we continue to broaden our market and continue to innovate, we are delighted to welcome Rob Graham to the team as we open our New York office in the USA.

Rob joins gravity9 as Product Engineering and Client Account Executive to drive account ownership, product delivery, and strategy across North and South America. Having previously worked with several of the gravity9 team during his time at Infusion, he remarks “I am extremely excited to be part of a company rewriting the innovation playbook. Being part of gravity9 offers me the unique opportunity to apply the best parts of my experience towards building something completely new, in a new world. And, being a Director on this side of the Atlantic more than doubles the reach and potential of gravity9” says Rob.


“I am extremely excited to be part of a company rewriting the innovation playbook.”


Throughout his career Rob has worked with companies of all scales, ranging from start-ups to international corporations. In all roles, he blended technology, business, and strategy to bring forward new timely possibilities for his partners and clients.

Having spent the first 8 years of his career as a software developer and team lead Rob built a thorough understanding of his clients’ appetite for innovation. In more recent years Rob supported the growth of the Capital Markets practice partnering with Tier-1 financial institutions. Rob later collaborated with non-profits, manufacturing, financial services, pre-seed organisations, and enterprise partnerships by assembling freelancers in creative ways during his time as a Regional Account Manager. Most recently Rob was Director of Strategic Accounts and Innovation, a role dedicated to supporting client innovation during the pandemic. Coordinating predictable, timely and lean innovation were cornerstones to client success at a time where many companies perished.


“In Digital innovation is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity”


When approached by gravity9 to grow and support the gravity9 client base in the Americas, design sustainable expansion and establish a gravity9 office, Rob jumped at the chance. “Companies are meeting their demise in record numbers. In Digital innovation is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. And going about this with antiquated tactics is the best way to become obsolete. My excitement with joining gravity9 is a shared perspective on innovating to produce beautiful business outcomes, not headcount.”

Welcome to the gravity9 team Rob, we are just getting started!