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Goodbye 2020


16 Dec 2020 | Emma Benham

We will all be glad to see the back of a tough and long year. It will go down in history but not for reasons we would like. However, despite all the sacrifice, loss and disruption 2020 has brought us there have been some highlights. We have seen communities’ band together, we have all learned to appreciate the basics and the real joy that comes from simply being in a room together, sharing a hug or holding a hand.

Across the world, many organisations were pushed to the limits having to change the way they operate, reimagine their offering and even pivot completely in order to survive. Despite all this gravity9, a young digital business has embraced the challenges to thrive.

A Digital World

The world had to become digital almost overnight when lockdowns were announced. Years worth of development were accelerated taking place in place in months, even weeks. “From a technology perspective it has been a hugely exciting time, “Covid has advanced digital transformation far more than any consultancy ever could” said gravity9 Partner Andy Ross. “The shift to digital and the leapfrog of change has seen some life changing advancements, many of which are here to stay.”

Covid has advanced digital transformation far more than any consultancy ever could”

Modern Flexible Working the Norm

As a growing company gravity9 has recruited many new developers, designers and architects into the team, yet none have met in person. However, being separated from colleagues, new or old, has not affected the culture. gravity9 have always embraced a modern way of working, with team members able to work autonomously, flexibly and remotely. So, in March 2020 when lockdown started and many organisations were thrown into chaos, having to rapidly adapt, for gravity9 it was simply business as usual.

“We were already set up and running in a remote, flexible way. While our team no longer had the option to go into our offices in Birmingham, London, Krakow or Dublin we just continued as usual working from home” said Partner Andy Ross.

There was no lag, no change, we just continued as usual and because of the tools we already had in place we still felt connected.”

400% Growth and Counting

gravity9 have been fortunate enough to weather the storm of 2020 well, and in June, celebrated business growth of over 400% in just 18 months. By any start-up standard that’s impressive. And it’s not just down to the modern way of working or the pioneering approach to digital. For a digital business it may seem strange that gravity9 insist success is about more than just great technology; it’s the experienced people, the small teams, the unity of Art and Science and the belief that every problem is a challenge that has a solution.

This love of a challenge meant 2020 has seen gravity9 solve enterprise size problems for some enterprise size clients; taking a premier experience to a whole new level for a leading Casino in Las Vegas, helping eliminate blood diamonds from the supply chain and changing the way Americans view and rent homes. And that’s just for starters. The UX practice has grown, and gravity9 have completed several successful data science projects. With a growing pipeline of very interesting problems to solve gravity9 are supporting the worlds rapid shift to digital.

And, with digital such a hot topic gravity9 have gone on to launch their Digital Matters podcast, build a whole new brand that reflects their true colours and, partner with a number of affiliate organisations to support them in solving their client’s business problems.

What Next?

Keen to keep up the pace, gravity9 don’t have any plans to slow down, in fact just the opposite, while they aren’t quite thinking world domination, they are thinking big, and bold and they are certainly on the right track.

“It’s been an awful year for so many, and we at gravity9 have been so fortunate that as a business we have been able to grow, this has allowed us to employ more people and expand our project profile” said Ross. “However, we don’t take any of this for granted, our team are exceptional at what they do and we work with some fantastic clients that give us exciting, challenging projects to work on. We know 2021 is going to be a better year for everyone and we are here for it; bring on 2021!”