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What have UX’ers  Ever Done for Us?

Hosted by: Andrew Newman

UX Practice Director

Understand what UX and product professionals can do for your project

During this event, we will challenge the role of UX, taking a lively run through the tangible contributions UX professionals are making to your project…And if they’re not, why aren’t they?

We will be challenging, using engaging discussion, case studies, and interactive sessions.

Attendees will gain actionable insights into the following key areas:

  •  Evidence-based design
  •  1:10:100 Scaling savings on design and development time
  • Focusing budget on the essential 5%
  • Rapid risk mitigation
  • Stop bad habits, create results, think like a user
  • Meaningful friendships, how to make development progress easier

This event promises to offer rapid, actionable insights to take away and use.

Whether you’re a seasoned thought leader, digital professional, curious senior technologist, or simply someone interested in making better products and services, this event promises to offer valuable insights and opportunities for you to try.



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