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Achieving the Vision Shouldn't be a Mission


15 Apr 2020 | Emma Benham

When organisations begin their digital journey how simple is it to craft a vision that will deliver a measurable return on investment?

Get onboard

Organisations fall into two categories when starting on this journey. The first are those who have a clearly defined view of what they want to achieve, their transformational goals are in clear sight, they just need to realise them. The hope is that in determining these goals has been a collaborative effort. The decision to digitise is taken out of most organisations hands, they either stake the leap or get left behind. In fact 59%* of organisations are fearful it may already be too late.

We at Gravity 9 believe it isn’t too late. Digital transformation can be achieved at pace, especially when the goal is clearly defined. However, a common stumbling block to success is a lack of engagement across the organisation. The goal and the process by which it is measured should be collective, and arriving at it a collaborative effort with IT, operations, marketing and sales contributing to the top-level strategy and goal definition and ROI metrics. Not only does having the wider organisation on board make the vision easier to implement but collaboration should align the vision and ultimate goal with the measurements of success. Get the fundamentals right from the offset and all that’s left is to find the right digital partner.

Clearing the fog

On the other hand there are the organisations that know they must digitize but have no clear definition of how they want to achieve it or what it looks like, let alone how they measure success. The obvious solution would be to look at what their competitors are doing and essentially ‘keep up with the Joneses’ which is a methodology some organisations employ and could be seen as a ’safe bet’. However, what about those that want to become digital disruptors but just need a little guidance on how it can be achieved?

Collaboration at this point is crucial, but not just internally, collaboration with your digital partner, the one who will envisage, design and build the vision. Finding the right partner who will work with multiple facets of the business, ideate the vision and ultimately become an extension of the team to clear the fog which can so easily build up within a solely internal team. The right digital partner won’t just bring insight and expertise but will not be afraid to challenge and ask the awkward questions in order to find the best possible solution, including the true value the solution will bring both to the business and their customers. One thing is for certain the solution won’t be to simply keep up with the Joneses.

Start with the problem not with the solution

For any organisation questioning if they should transform their analogue business into a digital one – the future is digital. As organisations are making the transition to digital it would generally be recommended to take the jump sooner rather than later, however, the vision, value and measures of success must be clearly defined. Whether this process is undertaken internally, or a digital partner is included to add valued insight, the journey has to begin with understanding the organisations problems. Once you identify the problems it becomes much easier to ideate a best fit solution.

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*state of digital business report 2020