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Digital Matters Podcast: Leveraging Service Design with John Buckley


25 Nov 2020 | Emma Benham

Our Digital Matters podcast offers monthly discussions with leading digital innovators, thought leaders and industry disruptors who, like us, think differently when it comes to digital.

Hosted by: Partner, Andy Ross and Experience Director, Andy Newman.

In episode five of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast Partner Andy Ross and Experience Director Andy Newman talk with John Buckley from the Public Policy Lab in New York. John has worked with organisations all around the world, helping them to understand the needs of their customers and re-design service, product and process solutions to meet those needs.

In this episode, John discusses how public sector organisations can leverage service design and design thinking to improve the lives of citizens. And, how these learnings translate to the corporate world.

  • Digital vs non-digital solutions and the impact on cultural change.
  • The importance of research and how to apply the outcomes into real life, workable solutions.
  • How incentives can lead organisational culture and the impact of power dynamics
  • Addressing inequalities and exploitation through design thinking.
  • The benefit of brining different perspectives with a single common goal can enable transformative change.
  • Human centred design and real-life case studies across the public sector.
  • How to enable employee voices to be heard and genuine change to be made without fear of repercussion.
  • Managing expectations for quantitative measurements on systems outcomes through theory of change.


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