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Digital Matters Podcast: Digital Ecosystems with Graham Ruddick


17 Aug 2020 | Emma Benham

Our Digital Matters podcast offers monthly discussions with leading digital innovators, thought leaders and industry disruptors who, like us, think differently when it comes to digital.

Hosted by: Partner, Andy Ross and Experience Director, Andy Newman.

Episode 1 features guest, Graham Ruddick, founder of Insightflow, a customer market and research community, about how to add value to communities, facilitate digital marketplaces and begin conversations around a new digital proposition.

Throughout the podcast Graham discusses;

  • What defines a digital marketplace and how should we interact within them.
  • How to use existing community ecosystems to grow audiences.
  • How to facilitate a marketplace through added value.
  • Identifying the potential for value exchange within a community and how respond to it.
  • The importance of developing natural conversations and integrating into communities to add value to the conversation.
  • How brands including Uber added value to their market place and how Reed events facilitated existing ecosystems.


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