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Digital Matters Podcast – Looking Back Before We Step Forward


11 Jan 2022 | Emma Benham

As we gear up to record our first gravity9 Digital Matters podcast of 2022, with a very exciting guest, we look back over the top three most popular podcasts and discuss our personal favourites.

From recording our first Digital Matters podcast back in September of 2020 with Graham Ruddick of Insightflow, discussing digital communities and Ecosystems, to our most recent podcast in 2021 where we let our hair down with Single View, we have recorded a total of 16 podcasts. Our hosts and, occasional, guest host, have spoken with some fantastic guests from a wide range of industries and backgrounds, all discussing digital products, digital businesses and digital matters!

  1. At number 1, our most popular podcast as far as downloads was recorded almost a year ago with Scott Vincent of Digital Futures. “Scott was a fantastic guest, not only was he a really interesting person, as we heard about his background as rugby player and work in investment banking, but he also was passionate about addressing the lack of diversity in the digital workspace.” says Ross. “Scott’s passion for start-ups and his dedication to creating a successful digital business that is not only successful in its own right but also that develops the careers of others is an inspiration.
  1. Second in line is a personal favourite of host Andy Newman and was recorded with USA based John Buckley from The Public Policy Lab, NYC. A real insight into putting the customer first and designing not just organisations but business policies around the user made for a great discussion and one, gravity9 Experience Director Andy Newman was keen to dig deeper into. “I really enjoyed exploring cultural issues and how these fit with developing new policies and processes that may move in a completely opposite direction to tradition and embedded protocol.” This episode also went on to address the fundamental benefits to aligning multiple perspectives with a common goal and how the result can lead to transformational change.
  1. The third most listened to Digital Matters episode is only the third episode recorded and was with friend of gravity9, Jack Hampson discussing the evolution of Natural Language Processing (NLP). While this could easily have been one of our more technical episodes Andy and Andy explored how NLP and AI is developing and enabling organisations to derive greater value from data and how the true power comes from the symbiotic relationship between human and machine and the two working together.  “Jack joined us as a Digital Matters guest when the podcast was just finding its feet so we are delighted it has remained such a popular episode,” says Ross. “The world of NLP and AI is truly fascinating and enabling for so many. With the technology moving so quickly it would be interesting to pick back up with Jack again to see how things have moved on 18 months down the line.”

Reflecting on the most listened to episodes of Digital Matters they all have a common thread running through them as they all discuss the human and ethical elements of digital advancement and how true success comes from combining the people and the technology together.

With guests ranging from blue-chip CTO’s to Paralympian’s and Data Scientists to Start-up Entrepreneurs, we have enjoyed and learned with every conversation. With the first episode of 2022 coming soon we look forward to another year of great guests, forward-thinking conversations and more Digital Matters.


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