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Our client engaged gravity9 in providing a vast modernization of internal and customer-facing digital systems, with the intent of becoming a truly digital-first operator in the American property rental sector. Part of that program created “4Services”, which overhauled a previously troubled disparate set of systems and processes used to book and manage the maintenance of rental properties


Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: Azure, Azure Kubernetes Service
  • Database: Azure SQL, CosmosDB, Blob Storage
  • Backend: NET, Microsoft CRM, Geotab, Box, Micro-services, Azure Service Bus, Event Hub, SignalR, Google Maps (integration)
  • Frontend: React, Micro-frontends, Design System, Progressive Web Application

The existing systems suffered a lack of standardization, synching issues, and a high time and resource requirement which frustrated users and customers. gravity9 developed a standardized process and 6 distinct products to support technician workflow which are utilized across the United States. The solutions were built around .NET, React, SQL Server and Cosmo DB.

gravity9 also provided manual testing of the products and collaborated with the client’s incumbent providers of automated testing. The resulting suite has delivered significant benefits (ease of use, lower resource overheads, a streamlined user-friendly experience) to internal users, external customers and maintenance technicians engaged by the client to conduct property maintenance.


These products combine to provide a complete digital workflow for client technicians to receive, triage, and manage the resolution of customer property issues.

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