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Modernize your digital architecture



Optimize your digital infrastructure step by step with our tailored application modernization solutions, designed to address specific modernization challenges.


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Jumpstart your modernization journey

Leveraging our extensive experience empowering organizations to innovate and modernize their digital infrastructure, our team of experts has curated a menu of ready-to-go offerings to jumpstart your modernization journey. Tailored to address the specific challenges, the gravity9 team has meticulously designed these offerings to provide rapid solutions to known obstacles, all while utilizing our proven methodologies. Bid farewell to outdated systems and welcome a future where your applications are sleek, agile, and prepared for whatever lies ahead.

AI automated data retrieval

The overwhelming volume of data that organizations are grappling with, leads to inefficiencies in managing and extracting useful insights from this data.

As data retention grows exponentially, organizations are struggling to sift through the vast amount of information efficiently. This challenge consumes valuable time and resources, diverting attention away from core operational tasks. The need to empower employees with access to relevant information quickly becomes critical in such a scenario.


Build around legacy systems

Address the challenge of modernizing legacy systems by providing a strategy to build around them.

Deploying our ”Legacy Insulator” works to build around your legacy systems to unlock recognisable modernization initiatives. We do this by studying your platform, learning about its data, gaining familiarity with its endpoints, and driving best domain-drive practices. A coded solution is delivered which contains an insulation around your legacy systems, giving you a reliable start, and more importantly: a pathway to decommission.

Legacy Insulator

Evolve your product architecture

Confidently build towards their product’s next evolution.

Use our Architecture Snapshot offering to activate our team to create these artifacts for your application’s current state. Using our unique tooling and story-telling approach, we author the the necessary diagrams, architecture, and synthesis of your current system, so that you can build confidently towards your product’s next evolution. Layer your vision on top of our deliverables so that you are innovating with purpose, with a plan.

Architecture Snapshot

Platform evolution groundwork

Creating a robust basis for the evolution of your platform.

This innovative solution is meticulously crafted to establish a contemporary domain-driven foundation that boasts both extensibility and flexibility, essential traits for accommodating additional services within a customer-centric framework.

Platform Bootstrap

Bringing ideas to life

Unlocking innovation to make ideas a reality

Whether you’re building from scratch or refining and modernising an existing offering, we’re here to make it real. Tangibility operates as a strategic design partner, placing a dedicated team at the core of your digital product and service challenges. Our human-centred design approach (HCR) ensures that your product or service aligns with user needs, preferences, and behaviours.


Trust in quality automation

Quality Automation is a pivotal part of a successful software journey.

However, when Quality Automation faulters, innovation is impacted: lengthy regression test cycles, delayed deployments, resource-constrained throughput, and recurring failures can exist. Our Quality Automation offering is crafted specifically to tackle the challenges of modern software development.

Quality Automation

Talk with our team to discover how our offerings can work for your organization

The best way to determine if an offering is a good solution for the challenges you face or for questions surrounding the detail, and expansion of our offerings, talk to a member of our team. Yes, this is a form but we promise a relevant member of the team will respond directly to you regarding your enquiry.

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