Digital Matters Podcast: Digital sponsorship, the fan experience & engaging audiences

In Short : What does the sponsorship market look like and how are brands engaging audiences to deliver the fan experience in an increasingly digital world? Daragh Persse Founder of The Brand Fans explains.
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

Managing Director

In episode 14 of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast, we welcome Daragh Persse, Founder of The Brand Fans, the independent creative sponsorship and fan engagement consultancy. Now ten years old, The Brand Fans create emotional brand experiences through sponsorship; delivering long term connections across sport, music, entertainment, arts and culture. Andy and Andy will be looking into the sponsorship market and what it looks like in an increasingly digital world.  

  • How you can digitise an organisation and transform for the digital world
  • How big brands such as F1 are recreating the fan experience at home for an ever-increasing digital audience
  • The importance of building an emotional connection with brands and how Netflix, The Premier League and F1 have achieved this
  • How brands are packaging their content to appeal to the different levels of audience to engage and interact with them
  • The rise of e-sports and the pros and cons of sponsorship
  • The importance of data and content and the role it plays in reaching out to the different levels of audience and the fan experience
  • What the Olympics are doing to engage the audiences around the world and what brands are going to be doing this year at a very different Olympics.  
  • How AI has the opportunity to open up the world of sport and sports sponsorship.  

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