Digital Matters Podcast – Jim Duffy Talks Blockchain

In Short : In this episode technology pioneer and entrepreneur, Jim Duffy talks about the maturity of Blockchain, how it is an enabler for start-ups and the role it is playing in the battle against Covid.
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

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In episode twelve of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast Andy Ross and Andy Newman talk with technology pioneer and entrepreneur Jim Duffy who has been transforming industries using the latest digital technology since the Internet began, Recently Jim held the role of CEO at Tracr™, an innovative, industry-focused blockchain traceability platform developed for the diamond industry by market leader De Beers. In this episode of Digital Matters Jim talks Blockchain, and its evolution.  

  • The maturity of Blockchain, where it sits in the evolution of the internet and how organisations can adapt
  • Blockchain as a service. How the big tech companies are offering Blockchain as a service and how this offering is likely to develop over time
  • The speed at which start-ups are able to develop blockchain solutions and the impact this is having on large enterprises
  • How blockchain is being used in the battle against Coronavirus in both the supply chain and as far as citizen tracking
  • The journey of MongoDB from unicorn status to large enterprise and how they are likely to continue to evolve.  

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