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Single View The Challenges; 5 Read Write


25 Jun 2021 | Emma Benham

In the data age, we have all grown used to and, expect data and their platforms to work for us.

Single View is not just a read store. A read-only view is useful initially but needs will evolve and as business users become used to a simple intuitive approach to working with the organisational data, they will look for the ability to work through that portal.

So what is the solution to this challenge? The definition and separation of logical areas of the business, represented as individual microservices, can help facade backend systems. Exposed services provide a simple and standardised view to take action against backend systems, meaning it is possible to create a new customer, add a new product, update an order priority through the single view application. Backed integration is abstracted and events can help facilitate changes made (using a caching layer) to generate updates into the view without having to wait for longer running details if needed.