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Telecommunications Provider


Our client, an international telecommunications provider, engaged MongoDB and gravity9 to create a single view of its customer data. The legacy systems previously stored customer data against a legacy product set, making it difficult to engage customers and bring new types of products and packages to market.


Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: AWS
  • Database: MongoDB Atlas
  • Backend: Java Spring Boot, Apache Kafka, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon Simple Queue Service
  • Testing: Spock

Our client envisioned a centralized customer data hub to solve this challenge, unifying individual customer profiles from single or multiple products and services under a single view. They approached MongoDB to build this hub, who turned to gravity9 to partner on the project, recognizing gravity9’s heritage in delivering on fast-paced modernization projects as a proven Jumpstart Partner.

A prototype Customer Information Manager platform was created over five weeks, with full delivery within twelve weeks. This platform provides a single cross-channel, multi-brand identity for millions of customers under TM Forum specifications. It allows for a more efficient, comprehensive means of accessing, managing, and understanding customer information across increasingly complex service offerings. Furthermore, data starts with the customer’s profile, moving on to services and products. As services are
added or removed, or as the customer changes their usage of services, their profile remains a constant starting point.


Completed within twelve weeks, the project delivered reduced maintenance costs, increased scaling through product offerings while improving the customer experience.

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