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Beauty & Pharmaceutical Retailer


As part of a fast-track ideation and rapid-build development project, gravity9 partnered with MongoDB to help a popular health and beauty retailer and pharmacy build a new Beauty Concierge application to increase customer loyalty and encourage repeat business in the retail domain. Prior to gravity9’s involvement, no history of customer consultations or recommendations was stored, meaning returning customers would have to “start over” be re-interviewed, providing them no advantage at this vendor versus their competitors.


Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure
  • Database: MongoDB Atlas
  • Backend: .Net Core
  • Frontend: React

The client outlined the project requirements, providing a starting point for a more profound consultation process in which gravity9 challenged, revised, and reached a consensus on the form and shape of the project. A web-based solution was created, tailoring the customer experience via an accessible in-store app. The app maintains customer profiles and preferences allowing consultants to access this information as well as sales logs and KPI’s, creating a more personalised, bespoke service unique to the client. The product is built with a .NET Core backend, Angular frontend, and MongoDB database.

The solution has been delivered to the client and initial reception has been extremely positive, with scope for additional functionality, integration, and quality-of-life improvements to be added later. Customers can enjoy a more intimate shopping experience which encourages trust, brand loyalty, repeat business, and increased footfall versus competitors.


gravity9 was able to bring our own rich knowledge to the table, for suggestions and solutions not previously considered by the client.

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