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How Modern Working Benefits the Employee, the Business and the Client


03 Jul 2020 | Emma Benham

The culture within a workplace is a combination of the experiences, environments and dialogue shared by the members of that organisation. Over the last three months many businesses have had to change drastically, and at pace to remain operational.  Now most are settled into their new normal or are beginning to pick up their old ways of working as lockdown is eased. However, for Gravity 9 the last 3 months working life didn’t change. Based out of the UK, Poland and Ireland Gravity 9 has always operated a modern approach to working uniting distributed working, flexibility and a culture of autonomy, empowerment and fun. So how does this advanced way of working bring value to Gravity 9 and their clients?

Developing a modern working culture

Distributed working, flexible working, even agile working (a term we will avoid seeing as we are not discussing product development) enables organisations to work adaptably, collaboratively and, as such, at pace. While the working from home culture or flexible working is nothing new, the Gravity 9 approach takes it one step further; breaking down siloed teams and departments replacing them with open communication channels, streamlined processes, digital advancements and a culture of trust and empowerment, collapsing the traditional workplace boundaries.

“As a business we never considered any other way of working. We are specific in the team members we bring on board, not only looking for professional aptitude and expertise but also a cultural fit. As such the team we have in place respond to and evolve this working philosophy” says Andy Ross, Partner at Gravity 9.

This modernistic working infrastructure is not just internally focused it is also reflected in the way Gravity 9 work with clients.

“By working with a partner who operates this advanced working methodology organisations can accelerate their digital journey. Our approach enables us to easily collaborate, challenge and put our clients at the heart of all we do, essentially becoming one team with them, to deliver rapid value and ensure they thrive.”

Evolved working culture

This modern working philosophy goes hand in hand with a trust-based culture and one where communication is central to the business. Gravity 9 is a hub of creative customer experience professionals, skilled software engineers and system architects who work in unison to transform, not just individual organisations, but entire industries. It is no surprise as a modern digital business Gravity 9 have embraced the technological advancements and as such developers in Kraków, designers in Dublin and engineers in Birmingham are continuously connected, working seamlessly together and united in their client approach.

Partners Noel Ady and Andy Ross, based in Birmingham and London respectively, are in regular communication with the team and have established local office hubs where team members can physically come together if they wish.

“It’s important to us that very member of the team contributes, develops and enjoys their work life at Gravity 9. Says Founding Partner Noel Ady. “Expectations are also higher amongst the workforce now and professionals with exceptional skills and experience are in high demand. In order to attract and retain the best talent into our business we must maintain an outstanding reputation as an employer.”

Quarterly team gatherings, weekly challenges and even company playlists also cement the sense of fun.

“Why work somewhere you don’t enjoy? Yes, we work hard and push boundaries to deliver the best possible solutions for our clients but our ideology means, not only are we experts at what we do, but we are also fun to work with, well at least that’s what our clients tell us!” says Ross.

It’s a win win

A progressive working environment empowers and motivates employees often resulting in increased performance, quality of work and client satisfaction. While the shift to distributed or flexible working for traditionally focused organisations has been slow, Covid-19 has forced many to adapt, and will likely result in substantial shifts in the way even staunch traditional organisations operate.

It is well documented these pioneering working environments enable a greater work-life balance, employee autonomy and increased engagement across the team, while organisations benefit from increased productivity and flexibility from their workforce. However, the benefit to clients is little mentioned.

“Our working culture is reflective of our way of thinking and way in which we would work with our clients. We find it inspires confidence and enables us accelerate project delivery as we can flex to meet client requirements” says Ross.

Growing over 400% in the last 12 months Gravity 9 are examples of how a pioneering approach to working and a positive, empowering culture can benefit the team, the business and the client. Visit gravity9.co to find out more.