Single View The Challenges: 6 User Experience

User experience (UX) is now a key factor for delivering business value. However, what insight from the volumes of digital data generated actually ascertain the success of our product user experience?

Single View The Challenges; 5 Read Write

Single View is not just a read store. A read-only view is useful initially but needs will evolve and as business users become used to a simple intuitive approach to working with the organisational data, so how do architects meet this challenge?

The Single View Challenges: 3 Data Ownership

How do you ensure governance and control over data after migrating to Single View? The movement of data from disparate systems poses the risk of having too much data in one place, can microservices be the answer?

The Single View Challenges: 2 Data Standardisation

What is your biggest challenge when seeking to achieve Single View? The idea of pulling data to one location for the purpose of reuse is powerful and central to a Single View Modernization strategy. However, what may appear simple isn’t always; systems represent data in different ways.

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