Supermarket chain transformation acceleration case study

One of the UK’s ‘big five’ supermarket chain’s had a goal to improve their ability to offer dynamic pricing and targeted promotions to their customers; modernizing their legacy pricing systems to increase overall performance, ensure better maintainability and enable easier development of new features.

What is Digital Transformation, Anyway?

With each client’s specific objectives and understanding of ‘digital transformation’ being vastly different, what does this buzz term really mean and how can you achieve it? gravity9 Founding Partner and Lead Consultant, Noel Ady gives us his take on the popular term and the steps organisations need to take.

A Year of Phenomenal Growth

As we close the book on the fiscal year of 21/22, we are delighted to share what has been a truly phenomenal year for us at gravity9 with impressive growth in turnover, team and geographic reach.

Never Stop Learning

We never stop learning, even subconsciously each day, every experience provides us with new information to process and add to our personal data bank. So, is taking time to continually develop ourselves the key to evolving our capability, our creativity, and our consciousness?

Reflecting on a Transformational Year

For gravity9 2021 has been a year of growth and transformation with considerable expansion of the team across the Krakow and Wroclaw offices as well as the opening of new offices in New York and Colombia. However, before we look to 2022, three members of our team reflect back on the highlights of 2021.

360 Solutions – when to build and when to buy

With so many off the shelf products, how do you decide when to create a custom 360 solution rather than buy one? Noel Ady, gravity9 Founding Partner & Lead Consultant discusses the challenges and possible solutions.

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