Digital Matters Podcast: Human Factor Design with Filip Florek

In Short : Human Factors Specialist Filip Florek discusses the evolution of Human Factor Design and how it is changing the way we work, increasing productivity and creating positive user experiences.
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

Managing Director

In episode 15 of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast, we welcome Human Factors Design specialist, Filip Florek. Filip works with internationally well-known brands to help them research, design and develop practical and innovative solutions that are safe, reliable and user friendly. In this episode, Filip discusses the art of Human Factor Design and the science behind it.

  • Evolving from UX into Human Factor Design.
  • Successfully uniting psychology, sociology, engineering, biomechanics, industrial design and physiology to create positive user experiences.
  • Evolution of Human Factor Design in a digital world and how it is likely to continue to evolve.
  • How brands such as McLaren (racing)  to Arrival (zero-emissions public transport) are sharing design concepts.
  • How Human Factor Design can increase workplace productivity and motivation.

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