Digital Matters Podcast – Balancing social purpose with business realities

In Short : In this episode, Digital Futures Founder and CEO, Scott Vincent, talks about balancing social purpose with the operational and commercial realities of running a business.
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

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In episode eight of gravity9’s Digital Matters podcast Andy Ross and Andy Newman talk with Founder and CEO of Digital Futures, Scott Vincent. Scott has had a successful career, starting out representing Australia in Rugby and Athletics before moving to the UK to begin an investment banking consultancy and then to going on to establish Digital Futures.  

  • The decision behind selling his first start-up, consultancy, Parker Fitzgerald, and the lessons learned from working with a large organisation.
  • Where the idea for Digital Futures came from and how they are addressing the lack of diversity in the digital workspace.
  • Balancing social purpose with the operational and commercial realities of running a business and what Digital Futures are doing differently.
  • How to create a successful digital business; deciding which problems to take on, how to successfully challenge and inspire a team.
  • Scott’s advice for new digital start up’s seeking to pave their way in the modern world.  

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