Creating a Successful Challenger Business with Rob Kerr

In Short : We speak with Rob Kerr, a disruptor who has a reputation for challenging the status quo. Find out the key elements to creating a successful blue chip challenger business and why culture is king.
Joe Bloggs

Joe Bloggs

Managing Director

In this episode hosts Andy Ross and Noel Ady speak with Managing Director or Sero Future Limited, Rob Kerr. A dynamic leader with a passion for delivering growth through the energy transition, Rob has over 15 yrs experience in the Energy sector and with that has developed a reputation for challenging the status quo, After spearheading the creation of a blue chip enterprise, challenger business Rob discusses the key to delivering successful change and how large corporations really can become disruptors. In this episode we learn;

– How culture is the key to delivering change, and why is is often the biggest hurdle to overcome.

– The challenge of not reverting to ingrained processes ‘challenger organ rejection’.

– How cash restrictions can be the making of a challenger business – remove the risk, increase the innovation.

– How getting the customer experience right will both retain customer and reduce costs.

– How to create a supportive Ecosystem.

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