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An Inspiring Affinity For Digital Innovation

While he may be a controversial choice, we begin our portfolio of inspirational leaders and pioneers talking about Steve Jobs and how his approach to digital mirrors ours....
Pomodoro technique

Killer Tomatoes! Exploring The Pomodoro Technique

Rob Graham takes a closer look at the Pomodoro time management technique; its pros and cons as well as some alternatives some of our developers recommend! ...

Digital Matters Podcast: AMH lead with their digital customer first approach

In this episode of Digital Matters gravity9 partners Andy Ross and Noel Ady speak with Chief Technology officer at AMH. Philip discusses his role at AMH and the digital transformation...

#Meetthe9’ers with Nick Hoyle

Meet gravity9's User Experience Manager Nick Hoyle and discover his secret hidden talent, love of sport and why he believes learning is an ongoing process....

#Meetthegravity9’ers with Pawel Pindel

We continue our Meet the gravity9'ers series with the introduction of Paweł Pindel, Technical Lead based in Kraków, Poland....

The 4 Key Pillars of an Effective CIO

Tim Hargest look at both sides of the table when it comes to being an effective CIO ...

Azure DevOps CI/CD with MongoDB Atlas App Services

We explore a workaround that will allow us to implement CI/CD within MongoDB Atlas Application Services in an Azure DevOps environment....

Migrating from Oracle to MongoDB

The proof-of-concept approach to manage a leading investment bank's application migration...

6 Steps to Finding Your Emotional Intelligence

Reflecting on our Digital Matters Podcast with Leadership Coach and Author, Trenton Moss, we break down emotional intelligence into 6 steps that can break down barriers, free teams from helplessness...


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