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Defence Organisation


A major defence organisation sought to reform how they generate useful analytics for gauging and reacting to public opinion to NATO operations in specific geographic areas. Their previous approach was to research and generate reports manually, which was resource-intensive, delay-prone, and at risk of accuracy issues.


Tech Stack:

  • Cloud: Microsoft Azure
  • Database: MongoDB
  • Backend: Node.js
  • Frontend: React.js

Partnering with MongoDB, gravity9 scoped, developed, and delivered a replacement cloud-based system over a three-week period. The delivered system can collate data from multiple sources, allowing easy, customisable generation of data-rich reports based on up-to-date information plotted against any number of data points, including GIS.

Built around React.js, Node.js, MongoDB, and Microsoft Azure, this system has reduced resource overheads and enabled rapid delivery of relevant and accurate information to decision-makers within the organisation. Resource and actual costs have also been reduced as a result.


The project was developed, tested, and successfully delivered within a three-week period, yielding tangible results immediately”

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gravity9 achieved a remarkable outcome that met all the client’s expectations, demonstrating expertise in designing and deploying event-driven architecture and delivering a solution that supports asynchronous communication and facilitates evolutionary changes in response to the dynamic business environment.