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We are a team of highly skilled professional designers, developers, architects and consultants who love working together to help our clients realise the next chapter in their digital journey.

our purpose

Helping organisations create better digital products

gravity9 are challengers, both of ourselves and our clients. We are constantly learning and evolving; pursuing new methods, solutions and capabilities. We seek out knowledge and believe in continuous innovation.

We believe it‘s our people and our ways of working that set us apart. We are a team of highly motivated experts with deep knowledge. We continuously innovate, explore and seek to be inspired and we know our clients work with us not only because we achieve results but because we make the journey enjoyable. Our mission is to make life better through technology.

Our story

Our gravity9 approach

Small Teams. We know you don't need large teams to achieve great things, but instead a small collective of highly skilled individuals with deep insight and proven methodologies.

Senior People. Our organisation and culture is shaped by the people we employ; senior people, with deep knowledge, experience and a passion for crafting leading edge digital products. We get the job done.

Uniting Art + Science. Our work is a balance of art and science that together create products our clients and their customers believe in.

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We help clients accelerate their digital journey.

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